Package One

Introduction Video

Spend a day with our Emmy Award winning producers and directors we will work one on one with your group to organize your course and film your pitch for the platforms you choose. We will film your introduction video, edit it and provide it to you for you to use on any platform of your choice.

Package Two

Build Your Course

Want to be on stage? Want to build courses online? Lost on what your brand is? Frustrated others do not understand your message? 

Loosing money on the table? 

Build your business, understand you, understand your brand and become the content provider you desire. 

Understand your brand – Become A Content Provider

What YOU get when you ACT NOW

  • Assigned Expert Advisor 
  • 84 TOTAL Interactive Video Lessons 
  • 21 Online Interactive Video Lessons – Understanding YOU
    • How to Create More Power
    • Create Infinite Energy
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
    • How Powerful Are Your Thoughts
    • Clearing Your Confusion
    • Design What You Desire
    • Ignite Your Energy
    • Law of Cause & Effect
    • How to Create an Emotional Shield
    • Law of Abundance
    • Lesson on I AM…
    • Becoming Laser Focused
    • Creating From Passion
    • You Are The Architect Build Your Blueprint
    • Perceptions Revealed
    • Riches & Wealth
    • Conscious Concentration
    • Curiosity vs. Interest
    • Food For Thought
    • Force vs. Power
    • Dream Big
  • 18 Advanced Interactive Lessons – Become the Leader YOU ARE
    • Are You Asleep? 
    • Foundations of Change
    • Understand Your Sub-Conscious Mind
    • Laws of Suggestibility 
    • Self Suggestibility
    • Power of Words
    • Ethics & Rules
    • Self Sleep
    • NLP
    • Visual Modality
    • Auditory Modality
    • Kinesthetic Modality

Understand YOU, understand YOUR brand, Become the LEADER you are meant to become! 

  • 19 Online Interactive Video Lessons – Become a Sales Expert
    • Setting Tone
    • Greeting & Connection
    • Reflecting & Listening
    • Building Value & Inviting
    • Choice vs. Decision
    • Closing
    • How to Redirect
    • It is all About Timing
    • What is Invasive Sales? And What NOT to do!
    • Blueprint to Selling
    • Overcoming FEAR of Sales
    • Commit to YOU
    • Clearing Confusion
    • JUMP NOW
    • The Power of KNOW
    • Building Rapport
    • Sales Foundation
    • What are Invitational Questions?
    • How to Continue the Process
  • Unrevealed 7 Magical Questions
  • Masterminds to understand YOUR BRAND & Content Provider
  • Apply to have your courses on our platform
  • 26 Master Classes with Interactive Video Lessons

FREE Bonus’

  • Networking community 
  • 20 + Bonus Audios
  • Podcasts
  • TV Series
  • Exclusive Movie Access 
  • Affiliate Platform